Effective Management Skills

Effective Management Skills

Gold Seal: 1 Credit


Everyone agrees that the most important asset of any organization is the human asset.? Thus, the all-important question becomes - How much-untapped potential, energy, commitment, and creativity currently exists within your organization, team, or department?? What would it mean to your culture and bottom line if you could learn to unleash just 10% more of the latent human potential? 

Participants will deepen their understanding of motivation, engagement, delegation/empowerment, and practical feedback skills in this interactive (NO role plays), high-energy, and thought-provoking course. 

Participants will learn proven, powerful, and practical strategies and techniques that will last a lifetime and can be applied the next day. 

Module ONE – Creating a Culture of Engagement & Teamwork 

  • Understanding group dynamics and how to develop team synergy 

  • The 11 characteristics of high-performance teams (assessment tool) 

  • Team meeting communications (assessment tool) 

  • Developing clear performance expectations for the team 

  • The four core elements of a high-performance team 

  • The most common team pitfalls and how to avoid them 

  • The seven roles of a highly effective team leader? 

Module TWO – Delegation & Empowerment 

  • The principles of effective delegation 

  • What empowerment really means and why it is so important 

  • The complete 7-step delegation process 

  • The risks and restrictions of empowering people 

  • How to determine how much freedom and latitude to give an employee in terms of “how” to do a task 

  • The vital importance of developing clear “outcome-based” performance expectations whenever possible 

  • A tool to determine what performance feedback is appropriate to give each employee 

  • How to teach and facilitate a process for employee problem solving to prevent reverse delegation 

  • The essential difference between accountability and responsibility? 

Module THREE – Core Communication Skills 

  • How to create constructive coaching conversations (effective one-on-one communication) 

  • How to listen so that people feel understood 

  • How put forth one’s opinion or idea in a manner most likely to gain acceptance and buy-in 

  • How to say no to some without rupturing the relationship 

  • How to disagree with someone without being disagreeable 

  • How to confront someone whose behavior is problematic to you in a manner that minimizes defensiveness and best produces desired behavior change 

Module FOUR – Coaching & Feedback Skills 

  • How to ensure what you say “sticks” with people delivering your message in a manner that optimizes clarity of understanding 

  • The essential difference between influence and persuasion 

  • How to plan and prepare for delivering difficult Re-directive feedback 

  • How to deliver Re-directive feedback in a manner that no one gets hurt 

  • The four steps and four levels of Re-directive feedback 

  • How to deliver Re-enforcing or positive feedback in a manner that makes it meaningful 


Delivery Method: Virtual Session – Zoom Meetings  

Course Fee Includes: Access to the course, course materials, and a digital certificate upon completion.  


This course is delivered in partnership with local and provincial construction associations across Canada. You may be participating with a group of industry peers from multiple regions.

Sharing a single registration between two or more individuals is not permitted. Please register each person that will be in attendance.


There are no prerequisites for this course.  Please be aware that this course shares some common course material with the Site Surveying 101 session.  Participants taking both sessions may find the course material slightly repetitive.

Who Should Attend

This session would be beneficial for all managers, supervisors, team leaders or anyone who is responsible for achieving results through people. Leaders who want a solid grounding in the fundamentals of managing and bringing out the best in people.  

What Previous Participants Have Said

“This course was not good, it was excellent!” 

“Overall, this is honestly the best one-day course I have ever attended.” 

“Comprehensive and valuable.” 

“Instructor has excellent communication skills - very engaging.” 

Technical Requirements

**For Virtual Delivery Sessions Only**

  1. Computer or laptop

    • This course will involve on-screen interaction with your instructor and classmates, reading/viewing on-screen content (slides or videos), and interacting via typing with questions or responses. For this reason, cellphones may not be adequate

    • Windows 10 or Mac iOS. 

  1. Webcam (Mandatory) – in order to engage and collaborate, participants will be expected to have their webcams on for the duration of the class

  2. Microphone (Mandatory)

  3. Internet connection- For best results, you will want to ensure you have an internet connection with an upload/download speed of 3-5 Mbps. You can test your internet speed here. The minimum recommended speed is 1.5 Mbps, but anything below 3 Mbps may result in loss of quality or buffering. Ideally hardwired connection versus wireless for stability - connect your computer directly to your router using an ethernet cable, rather than using your home wi-fi.

  4. A quiet space with minimal distractions –The microphone will be engaged for interactive sessions. Please plan to be fully engaged in the class and clear your work schedule just as you would for the in-class program.

  5. Comfortable chair