It’s no secret that declining mental health has reached epidemic proportions.

The very nature of construction lays the groundwork for mental illness.  Workers are often taken away for weeks at a time from the familiarity of their home environment and support of their social circle.  Their jobs are typically high stress with safety and avoiding catastrophic events a constant concern.  Physical labour and long hours lead to increased strain on the body and the mind.

It’s time to pursue a shift in how we view mental health in our industry.  If we ever want to achieve “Mission Zero” we need to re-focus our attention on the physical AND mental wellbeing of our workforce.

That’s the premise behind WORK WELL, a concept that recognizes the importance of mental wellbeing as a key component to worker safety.  We have begun the process of integrating a WORK WELL culture into the fabric of the construction industry.


Introducing the Workplace Wellness Program, developed by our partners in BC, the ICBA. This program is a year-long, resource filled experience aimed at supporting both employers and employees on their journey to enduring mental wellbeing


Addressing diverse, inter-connected themes that collectively influence employee wellbeing

Ongoing and Inclusive

Companies sign on for a full year, creating shared momentum that can truly influence workplace culture

Developed by Experts

The program was developed and is delivered with the support of leading content experts  

Construction Focused

Designed for the construction sector, the program delivers information in easy-to-access and relatable ways

Wellness News & Events

On October 3 and 4, in recognition of Mental Health Awareness month in Canada, MERIT is proud to bring Corey Hirsch back to Saskatchewan to

On October 3 and 4, in recognition of Mental Health Awareness month in Canada, MERIT is proud to bring Corey Hirsch to Saskatchewan to

All MERIT member employees have access to free 24/7 counselling and support for any personal challenges they may be facing. It can make all the difference in your employees’ mental wellness.

Free, confidential support and counselling for individuals experiencing work-life challenges. 

The HumanaCare team of counsellors are qualified clinicians experienced in dealing with a wide range of personal issues. 


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Get as much or as little support as necessary with specialized substance management options. 100% confidential. Accessible from any device.

Whether you’re looking to gain control over alcohol or substance use for the first time, have been trying to quit for years, or just want to be proactive about your health, we can help.

The ALAViDA TRAiL™ Hello Premium Program available to adults 18+, is your personal confidential guide. We’re private, 100% confidential and tailored to your needs. And you can do everything from your smartphone. Get coaching, therapy, and medical support from licensed experts.

The ALAViDA TRAiL™ Hello Premium Program may be fully or partially covered under your GSC plan. If coverage is available, it may be subject to your existing counselling coverage limitations.

ALAViDA will check eligibility and submit the claim directly to GSC on your behalf within two business days or less, and any coverage will be paid directly to ALAViDA by GSC. Even if the Hello Premium Program is not covered by your benefits plan, you can access the discounted rate of $600.00+ applicable taxes.

Visit try.alavida.com/gsc for more details. Questions? Call 1-800-661-8193