Our training is catered to the construction industry with its content, scheduling, and instructors. We offer Gold Seal accreditation, relevant material, accessible classes and member discounts.

Construction Business ManagementParticipants will learn how to improve the management and business systems of their construction company.2$189.00 + GSTpdf-downloadREGISTER
Canadian Construction Contract EssentialsGain a basic and practical understanding of Canadian construction contracts and subcontract essentials1$200.00 + GSTpdf-downloadREGISTER
Change Order ManagementChanges are an inevitable part of the construction process but if not managed well, change orders can cause unnecessary project disruptions and lead to cost increases and schedule delays. This course will provide participants with best practices for successfully navigating this complex project management challenge.1$189.00 + GSTpdf-downloadREGISTER
Project Accounting and Cost ControlThe Project Accounting and Cost Control course is designed for construction company owners, project managers, project coordinators, estimators, accountants and staff to develop an understanding of accounting processes as it relates to construction projects. Participants will learn how to design and read various construction financial reports and improve the financial systems of their construction company.1$189.00 + GSTpdf-downloadREGISTER
Supervisory & Management SkillsParticipants will improve their skills in leadership, management, and supervision of staff. Participants will learn skills to enhance their ability to build a collaborative team culture with their staff and on job sites.2$189.00 + GSTpdf-downloadREGISTER
1st Level Supervisor Training ProgramThis comprehensive online training program offers the critical basic skills and concepts needed to supervise a crew in any construction setting.5$400.00 + GSTpdf-downloadREGISTER
Negotiation & Conflict ManagementParticipants will learn skills to enhance their ability to de-escalate conflict, listen effectively, build mutual respect with others in a construction context, and negotiate effectively1$189.00 + GSTpdf-downloadREGISTER
Communication, Negotiation, and Conflict ResolutionThis course is designed to help improve written, oral, and negotiating skills within the construction industry.2$150.00 + GSTpdf-downloadREGISTER
Construction Industry EthicsThis course has been designed to help you understand ethics as it relates to the construction industry and will help you navigate the ethical grey areas we face every day both personally and professionally. **Please note Online Ethics courses that were taken from 2017-May 2021 and were worth 2 Gold Seal Credits you will need to complete the in-person Ethic’s course worth 1 Gold Seal Credit. If you have completed the online Ethics course worth 3 Gold Seal Credits you do not have to complete the in-person course**3$350.00 + GSTpdf-downloadREGISTER
Construction LawParticipants will build practical skills and learn how to effectively and proactively deal with conflict situations and avoid litigation. The course will review other construction-related laws such as builders’ liens, collecting debts, bonding, insurance, environmental law, and safety law.2$189.00 + GSTpdf-downloadREGISTER
Construction LawThis course is designed to teach and familiarize owners, managers, supervisors, and project managers with construction contracts and contract law, and ways to avoid conflict with contracts.2$150.00 + GSTpdf-downloadREGISTER
Project ManagementParticipants will gain an understanding of the project processes and constraints encountered by project managers (using the current PMBoK approach) and how to successfully manage a complex project.2$189.00 + GSTpdf-downloadREGISTER
Construction Project ManagementThis course is designed to help managers administer projects from start to finish.3$150.00 + GSTpdf-downloadREGISTER
Construction EstimatingParticipants will learn skills and knowledge to estimate construction projects and prepare a successful bid.2$189.00 + GSTpdf-downloadREGISTER
Intro to Construction EstimatingThis course provides learners with skills and knowledge related to estimating practices and helps them understand the importance of estimates as one of the key first steps in any2$150.00 + GSTpdf-downloadREGISTER
Site LeadershipWould you like to improve your construction site leadership skills? This online course will enhance your ability to build a collaborative team culture with their staff, improve job site productivity, and complete projects on time, on budget, and safely.1$189.00 + GSTpdf-downloadREGISTER
Working in a Respectful and Inclusive WorkplaceThis course is intended to equip you to be successful and participate in creating a respectful and inclusive workplace.1$100.00 + GSTpdf-downloadREGISTER
Pipeline Construction Safety TrainingThis course helps the pipeline worker know how to respond to worksite health and safety issues by reviewing the entire pipeline construction process from beginning to end.N/A$100.00 + GSTpdf-downloadREGISTER
Introduction to MentorshipThis course will help you develop effective mentoring relationships with a focus on Communications skillsN/A$100.00 + GSTpdf-downloadREGISTER
Construction Safety for SupervisorsParticipants will learn the fundamentals for building a safe workplace that is appropriate for their construction company. The course assists in familiarizing participants with WorkSafe regulations and Certificate of Recognition audit requirements. The participants will also build practical skills for supervising construction worksites, conducting toolbox talks, providing health and safety training, conducting regular safety inspections, doing safety investigations where an accident occurs and designing a safety manual.2$189.00 + GSTpdf-downloadREGISTER
National Construction Safety AwarenessFor everyone who works in construction. Understand what you can do to keep yourself, your co-workers, and the environment you work in safe every day.1$100.00 + GSTpdf-downloadREGISTER
Intro to Understanding Systemic RacismFor leaders and managers. Use the best practices of inclusive organizations around the world to address issues of systemic racism.0.5$100.00 + GSTpdf-downloadREGISTER

Classroom Training & Live WebinarsStart DateEnd DateGOLD SEAL CREDITSPRICELEARN MORE
Getting Paid and Managing Cash Flow in Construction (Live Online Training)9/27/20229/27/2022N/A$199.00LEARN MORE
RTFC Ð Read the Full Contract Ð A Deep Dive into DDCD-2 (Live Online Training)09/28/20229/28/2022N/A$145.00LEARN MORE
Microsoft Excel for Construction (Live Online Training)09/29/20229/29/20221$295.00LEARN MORE
Bluebeam Revu Basics (Live Online Training)10/03/202210/4/20221$349.00LEARN MORE
Responding Successfully to an RFP (Live Online Training)10/04/202210/6/20222$550.00LEARN MORE
Managing Change in Construction (Live Online Training)10/04/202210/4/2022N/A$199.00LEARN MORE
Writing Effective Letters, Scope Documents, Reports, and Proposals (Live Online Training)10/11/202210/12/20221$200.00LEARN MORE
Bitesize Bluebeam 3: Advanced Materials Takeoffs & Estimates (Live Online Training)10/11/202210/11/2022N/A$149.00LEARN MORE
Microsoft Word 365 – Part 1 (Beginner) (Live Online Training)10/04/202210/4/2022N/A$199.00LEARN MORE
The HR Series: Navigating a Multi-Generational Workplace (Live Online Training)10/11/202210/11/2022N/A$60.00LEARN MORE
Trenching and Excavation Safety Workshop (Live Online Training)10/05/202210/5/2022N/A$350.00LEARN MORE
Bitesize Bluebeam 4: Document Management Best Practices (Live Online Training)10/12/202210/12/2022N/A$149.00LEARN MORE
Site Leadership for Lead Hands, Foremen, or Superintendents (Live Online Training)10/05/202210/6/20221$299.00LEARN MORE
Effective Construction Meetings & Meeting Minutes (Live Online Training)10/12/202210/12/2022N/A$250.00LEARN MORE
Bitesize Bluebeam 1: Baseline Basics (Live Online Training)10/05/202210/5/2022N/A$149.00LEARN MORE
Managing Shop Drawings, Samples and Submittals (Live Online Training)10/12/202210/12/2022N/A$199.00LEARN MORE
Construction Specifications 101 (Live Online Training)10/05/202210/5/2022N/A$199.00LEARN MORE
Managing Risk and Disputes in Construction Projects (Webinar)10/12/202210/12/2022N/A$60.00LEARN MORE
Construction Drawings 101 (Live Online Training)10/05/202210/5/2022N/A$199.00LEARN MORE
Microsoft SharePoint and OneDrive 365 (Live Online Training)10/12/202210/12/2022N/A$199.00LEARN MORE
Bitesize Bluebeam 2: Basics Materials Takeoffs & Estimates (Live Online Training)10/06/202210/6/2022N/A$149.00LEARN MORE
Earned Value Management (EVM) for Construction (Live Online Training)10/06/202210/6/20221$295.00LEARN MORE
The HR Series: Managing Leaves, Absences, & Accommodations (Live Online Training)10/06/202210/6/2022N/A$60.00LEARN MORE
Project Accounting and Cost Control (Live Online Training)10/13/202210/14/20221$399.00LEARN MORE
Building Construction – Putting it all Together (Live Online Training)10/13/202210/21/20222$650.00LEARN MORE
Microsoft Outlook 365 (Live Online Training)10/06/202210/6/2022N/A$145.00LEARN MORE
CCDC 5A+5B: Construction Management Keys to Success (Live Online Training)10/18/202210/20/20222$649.00LEARN MORE
RTFC – Read the Full Contract – A Deep Dive into CCDC-2 (Live Online Training)10/19/202210/19/2022N/A$199.00LEARN MORE
Communication Skills (Live Online Training)10/20/202210/21/20222$300.00LEARN MORE
The Labour Relations Series: Understanding Unions for Non-Unionized Workplaces (Live Online Training)11/08/202211/8/2022N/A$50.00LEARN MORE
The Nuts and Bolts of Builders’ Liens (Webinar)11/22/202211/22/2022N/A$50.00LEARN MORE