Spring & Summer are on the way

Our annual Merit Awards are only a few weeks away and we cannot wait to see each one of you there to celebrate all the nominees, the winners and all our members as a whole. Ticket sales are at an all-time high and we promise it will be an incredible evening.

Spring and summer is finally on its way. There used to be minimal construction in the winter and this time of year had all our members and the industry ramping up as the cold weather was finally ending. As we all know, those days are long gone, and construction season is all year round. There used to be the old joke about two seasons in Saskatchewan, which was “winter and construction”. This could not be further from the truth now.

Thank you to those who filled out our annual wage rate survey. This is important and critical information for our members, and we appreciate all the help.

As always, please feel free to reach out to myself or any of our Merit team for help and support.

Take care everyone and all the best for the spring!

Graham Snell