Group RRSP


The MERIT Saskatchewan Group RRSP helps you  provide for your employees’ security.

Offered through our partners at Desjardins Financial Services, this plan lets you make the decisions about contributions and participants, and allows employees to move easily from one participating MERIT Saskatchewan employer to another.

Whether you are looking to add a retirement option to your compensation package, or want to move your existing plan to the MERIT Saskatchewan plan, we have dedicated customer service reps to help you put our MERIT Saskatchewan Group RRSP  in place for your employees.

Why choose the MERIT Group RRSP?

Recruit and keep the best

In a competitive labour market, companies need every advantage to recruit and retain great employees. A Group Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) is an important piece of your compensation package.

Less Paperwork

The MERIT Saskatchewan Group RRSP is easy to set up and won’t bog you down with countless hours of administration.


You make the decision as to how much to contribute, qualifying periods, matching amounts, etc. You develop the plan that will work best for your company and your employees.


Like the Hour Bank Plan, employees that work with MERIT employers that carry the MERIT Saskatchewan Group RRSP, can move from employer to employer and keep their same retirement plan.

Lower Fees

Retail RRSP fees are high – often more than 2%. The MERIT Saskatchewan Group RRSP cuts that rate in half so your employees will be able to save more money. Over 30 years, saving 1% on fees can mean $150,000 more in retirement.

Employee & Employer support

Employees can get as much or as little support as they want or need. They have access to an 800 number for personalized assistance and a wealth of online resources.



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