Art Winslow C.E.T.(Arch), GSC

As a Canadian Lean and IPD pioneer, Art has consulted with a variety of Canadian and Provincial Governments including several Infrastructure and NGOs, and present at many Industries related industry workshops across North America.   

Art is the 2018 recipient of General Contractor of the Year for his ongoing efforts to improve the Construction industry in Canada. He is a founding board member of the Lean Construction Institute (Canada), sits on several lean organizations including the CCDC task force who created the CCDC 30 IPD Agreement, and is among the first to be certified to instruct of LCI/AGC lean construction education in Canada.   

Having managed large-scale, multi-phased construction projects, Art is highly experienced in coordinating and facilitating high-performance teams.  His lean IPD journey combines his existing construction industry knowledge with his acquired Lean and IPD skills. Since 2010, Art has been involved with many lean and IPD projects across North America.