Kim Do

Managing risk is a key aspect of any business. Anticipating what those risks are, and providing proactive and practical advice when risks occur is a key focus for Kim in her role as advisor and advocate for her clients.

When it comes to legal disputes, even seemingly minor cases have a way of damaging relationships, tarnishing reputations, delaying work, and burning through enormous sums of money, time, and talent.

Kim understands that when faced with conflict and risk, our clients are looking for timely, cost-effective, and practical solutions that protect their interests now and for the future. When working with our insurance clients, Kim’s thorough attention to detail combined with the ability to see the big picture help to mitigate and manage any exposure on liability and coverage assignments. For our construction clients, this methodical and evidence-based approach aids in minimizing any negative impact on project development and completion plans.

Organization and dedication are the keys to success. Understanding this, Kim helps our clients overcome challenges with a systematic and determined approach, reaching goals for our clients in the most practical and efficient way to grow their business.

She finds her work most rewarding when she is strongly advocating for our client’s interests and showcasing how the law can be used to make a tangible and positive impact in people’s lives.

Prior to embarking on her law career, Kim earned her Bachelor of Legal Studies at Capilano University where she graduated with distinction. Over the course of her academic journey, Kim built a strong foundation in procedural law, the rules that dictate how a court hears and determines what happens in legal proceedings. Even the strongest cases can be lost if parties do not use and follow procedures effectively, which is why Kim’s hands-on knowledge of the rules and exceptions of the court make her an invaluable asset to our litigation clients.