The Low-Down on Construction – February 1, 2019

The Low-Down on Construction – February 1, 2019

Red tape is a pain, but in addition to being a major annoyance for our members, it actually drags the economy down by making it more difficult for businesses to plan, to thrive, and to succeed. Of course, there’s a need for regulations to ensure workplaces are safe, and that workers and contractors are paid fairly and on-time, but excessive red tape does more harm than good.

MERIT has been out front on this issue for years, calling on the provincial government to continue to find ways to ease the bureaucratic burden for all contractors and employees. Last November we wrote about measures the provincial government was taking to help reduce red tape in Saskatchewan. We pointed out that the average waiting period for approval of permits was over 250 days – over eight months! – from the time an application is submitted to when it’s approved.

This is why MERIT is encouraged by the provincial government’s move to make further strides in reducing red tape by launching a new website where contractors, small businesses, and anyone else can submit recommendations to help streamline regulations.

Who better to ask than the thousands of contractors and workers who face seemingly endless paperwork everyday, forced to wait up to eight months simply to go to work? If you have suggestions to help cut red tape you can submit your ideas here – http://saskatchewan.ca/help-cut-red-tape

MERIT Saskatchewan will continue to monitor red tape reduction in our province and keep pushing the government to help simplify the regulatory and safety measures we all support, and to help get rid of needless paperwork wherever we can.