September 4 2018 Blog

Happy Labour Day to the Labourers, not to Labour

Labour Day is an opportunity to celebrate the workers in our province and country who do the jobs that mostly go unnoticed until you need them. To the thousands of women and men who toil – largely in the trades – MERIT says thank you.

A recent survey by Harris Poll for Express Employment Professionals asked blue-collar workers their thoughts on their jobs, their industry, and the economy as a whole, and the numbers might surprise you.

As the voice for open-shop contractors and workers in Saskatchewan, MERIT knows that fully 85% of all workers in our province do not belong to a union; we think this is better for workers and apparently so do workers and contractors themselves. In the Harris Poll 85% of all respondents said they are “satisfied” with their jobs, and another 25% said they were “very satisfied”. 95% of respondents had positive outlooks on their jobs and industry.

While job security is an important issue, 93% of contractors and workers feel secure in their jobs. This is a great sign that for the overwhelming majority of workers and contractors who do not belong to unions that their dedication to quality and service is paying off.

One interesting statistic from this survey were opinions on unions. For over twenty years now, union membership has been declining as more and more contractors and workers have moved to open-shop operations to enjoy greater flexibility. And over this same period we have seen wages rise for contractors and workers, even as more people enter the trades sectors. For the self-employed an amazing 99% said they loved being their own boss. This reflects the level of job satisfaction that we hear from our members every day.

So, this Labour Day we say to our members, and to contractors and workers across the province, THANK YOU! It is your hard work, and your dedication to service and quality we should recognize. We hope you took the weekend off, you’ve certainly earned it.