Sept 11 2018 Blog

The Low-Down on Construction – September 11, 2018

In a time of heightened sensitivity around privacy and bullying, it was truly shocking to watch the “Meet the Scabs” video that Unifor Canada released late last week.

One of Canada’s largest unions, Unifor, recently launched a campaign intended to intimidate and subject workers to harassment. The campaign included a video showing names and faces of a handful of replacement workers at a small plant in Newfoundland that has seen a work stoppage for almost two years.  Since the video has been released, those unwilling and unknowing participants have had their lives changed, enduring death threats and online abuse.

MERIT has always supported the right of workers to associate freely, to work in an open shop if they choose, and we believe that ALL workers deserve respect and the right to work free from harassment. We are disappointed that people who simply want what everyone else wants – to provide for their families, to earn a living, and for fairness – would be targeted in such an unfair way by a powerful union.

The values of fairness and freedom of association are what guide MERIT members everyday as they work hard for their families and their communities. Non-affiliated workers deserve as much respect and fairness as their affiliated counterparts. That’s fair. Bullying and intimidation are not!

Watch this controversial video HERE and let us know what you think.