October 5 Blog

The Low Down on Construction – October 5

Premier Wall’s announcement that he is retiring from Saskatchewan politics caught many people off guard. It also raised some uncertainty in the future leadership of the SaskParty.

We have witnessed a new age of leadership step forward since Premier Wall’s announcement. I am pleased with the quality of candidates vying to be the new leader of the Party and our next Premier. Our Merit Team believes the successful person will continue to lead positive change that we need to build on.

With new leadership comes new ideas and direction. We need to take advantage of this political renewal to discuss solutions to the issues and challenges our membership face.

I am looking forward to sharing our priorities and policies with the new Premier. We have an opportunity to reintroduce how our Merit members have helped to build the province and re-energize the economy.

Our goal is to continue to work closely with the new government leadership to ensure they understand that we support the SasKParty but we are not pleased with the decision to add PST to construction services and employee benefits.

We will be pushing the new decision makers to have these issues revisited and revised.   

Our association had a very good relationship with Premier Wall. We thank him for his efforts and belief in Saskatchewan residents and business leaders.  We will continue to have a positive working relationship with the new Premier and his cabinet.