Nov 6 blog

The Low Down on Construction – October 23

Last week our Merit team had the opportunity to visit with our provincial leadership. I found it to be a very rewarding experience. Our team spent quality time with three of the SaskParty leadership candidates; Scott Moe, Tina Beaudry Mellor and Ken Cheveldayoff.  I can honestly say that we were very impressed by all three candidates. It looks like the leadership race is going to be very interesting.  We have plans to meet the other leadership candidates in the very near future to discuss how Merit and its members can continue help the province grow.

During Lobby Day, our Merit team members also met with a few key Ministries. We had positive and productive discussions with WCB, Justice, Economy and Sask Builds.  We also had the chance to meet with members from the NDP caucus. It was very important to share our Merit membership successes with them.

Overall what impressed us the most was the engaging and honest conversations we had at each of our meetings. All of the Ministries are interested in hearing our views on various issues and committed to supporting the needs of our members and the construction industry in whatever way they can.

I believe from our Lobby Day meetings the Merit name is gaining recognition in the ranks of the Saskatchewan decision-makers.  In my mind, Lobby Day was very positive and successful. It was an important step that will result in even more benefits for our membership as we continue our advocacy activities.