Nov 28 blog

The Low Down on Construction – November 28

This week I will be in Ottawa representing Merit associations across Canada and their members in discussions with CRA about the underground economy.  This marks the second year I’ve had the privilege of representing Merit on the federal Ministers Advisory Committee.  

The reason for our involvement in this initiative is simple.  We need to take a strong stand and protect our members from contractors who are active in the underground economy.  As professional contractors, we know the underground economy deprives our province and country of funds for essential public services and infrastructure.

This practice also undermines the competitiveness of our members who run honest businesses, follow the rules and create employment opportunities in communities across Saskatchewan.  There are many experienced and reliable contractors that provide quality work in Saskatchewan. These highly skilled professionals pride themselves on doing business the right way. 

It’s important that we stay engaged on this file and let government officials know that our membership does not endorse any sort of business activity that is both illegal and unethical.  We understand that the underground economy hurts everyone and will continue to support the Canada Revenue Agency in its fight against the underground economy.

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