Nov 20 Blog

The Low Down on Construction – November 20

As the 2017 construction season winds down, we can honestly say it has been an interesting year! In my mind the biggest announcement was the retirement of Premier Brad Wall. Under Wall’s leadership, we have enjoyed unprecedented economic and population growth over the last decade.

With change comes opportunity. As the potential leaders jockey for position (and the trust of our membership) we will be taking advantage of this renewal process. Over the winter months we will continue to meet with each candidate and the opposition to ensure that they all understand the importance of open shop construction to the province, and how we can assist in the stimulation of future growth.

One of issues on the top of our list is discussing the need to introduce legislation around prompt payment.  We need to ensure there is set regulation that clearly states when our members get paid for completed work.

As well, we will continue to push the leadership hopefuls to reinstate the PST exemption on insurance premiums. This is imperative for our members. I feel reversing this decision will encourage investment in future security and protect against financial hardship.

I also want to remind you to get your tickets for the 2018 MERIT Awards of Excellence. Please join us on May 4 as we celebrate our 30th Anniversary and acknowledge the amazing achievements of our open shop employees.