May 8 Blog

The Low Down on Construction – May 8

Another year is in the books for the MERIT Awards of Excellence.  Our goal this year was to create an event that recognized both the many deserving employees as well as MERIT’s 30th anniversary.  By all accounts, we accomplished that in spades!

First off, the 30th anniversary portion of the program was outstanding.  It included the unveiling of our anniversary video, recognition of the first 30 Directors, awarding of the Legacy Award to Mike Chyzowski of Quorex, and finally a champagne toast to MERIT with 6 of our past Board Chairs on stage.  It was a powerful reminder of how far our association has come in 30 years.

The Employee Awards portion of the program was another resounding success.  We saw lots of humor (the Field Employee of the Year thanked the person at the next table who let him know he had his t-shirt on backwards), acknowledgement of the support of family, and more laughter with the intro videos.  It’s clear that these awards have become a meaningful way to demonstrate the value of open shop employees across the province.

Most importantly, it’s the one night of the year when everyone puts down their tools, forgets about the competitive bidding, and focuses on what makes our industry so great….our PEOPLE!  I am so very proud that after six years, the event has grown in popularity and is viewed as the “go-to” awards of the year.  

I need to also acknowledge the efforts of our MERIT team in delivering a first class example of the power of team work.  Each of us puts in 110% to ensure the night goes off without a hitch, and that effort pays off.

Finally, to our members that support the event by way of sponsorship, nominations, and attendance, we thank you for your trust in us to deliver a quality night of entertainment.  I’ve always said our MERIT members are the best in the industry, and each year I’m reminded how true that really is!

Click HERE to read about the winners of each of the categories. 

See you all again next year!