March 5 blog

The Low Down on Construction – March 5

On behalf of the MERIT Board of Directors, members and staff I would like to congratulate Ryan Meili on being elected leader of the Saskatchewan NDP this past weekend.

Under Mr. Meili’s leadership we can expect the provincial NDP to move in a slightly different direction than we have been accustomed to. Some local political experts are predicting that Mr. Meili’s election means a somewhat moderate turn to the left for the Saskatchewan NDP.

Throughout his leadership campaign, Mr. Meili spoke of the need for new ideas and change within his party. As he settles into his new role as leader, Mr. Meili will work to fulfill his campaign promises. One of those key promises was to re-engage with rural Saskatchewan.

As many of our members live and do business in rural areas, we will ensure Mr. Meili understands the importance of MERIT. Through face-to-face meetings, on-going correspondence and constructions updates, we will keep Mr. Meili informed on the successes of our membership.

We will also reinforce to Mr. Meili and his NDP caucus members that MERIT members have worked on many important infrastructure projects in our province, including schools, hospitals and roadways.

In addition to the outstanding work our membership does, we also create jobs, help improve our quality of life and continue to grow our province. 

As your voice in the open shop construction industry, you can be sure we will help Mr. Meili understand the impact our MERIT membership has on Saskatchewan.