March 23 blog

The Low Down on Construction – March 23

I am really encouraged to see the positive signs that our economy is gaining momentum again. This is good news for the province and for the construction industry. Projected growth in Saskatchewan’s major centres is scheduled to be over 2% this year. As a province, we need to capitalize on this momentum.

The upcoming 2018 budget is vital to ensuring our continued growth and prosperity. Our forward progress will be enhanced by Premier Moe’s first budget. The Scott Moe government has been open and transparent, consulting with stakeholders and reaching out to the community to see what they are thinking. They have made good on key campaign promises such as changes to the PST and providing additional funds for education.

In our discussions with Premier Moe, we have mentioned that future budgets must encourage innovation and growth in Saskatchewan. He also understands that we need to have a focus on our youth and business development. As the province looks to put in place policies and programs which will facilitate Saskatchewan’s growth and development Merit will continue to encourage the government to consider new and innovative ideas like a providing a PST exemption on construction of large infrastructure projects that have significant economic benefit to the province.

We encourage the government to continue reaching out, engaging with, and listening to the people of the province. It is through these kinds of talks that we will find solutions that provide much needed tax reform, debt reduction while creating business opportunities and jobs across Saskatchewan.

At Merit, we are looking forward to working with Premier Moe and his cabinet to find strategic but practical decisions that align with our province’s key priorities.