June 8 Blog

The Low Down on Construction – June 8

I’ve always felt that team building significantly increases employee motivation and creates a better work place for all.  Last week was filled with team building for both our MERIT staff and our association. 

On Wednesday, we hosted an Open Board meeting in conjunction with the SCA’s summer meetings up at Elk Ridge.  During this meeting, we had the pleasure of hearing from our members. I really like this as it gives us the opportunity to hear concerns that are most important.

We had frank and open discussions on the change in the PST and the effect it will have on our industry. One of our key learnings is that many members are experiencing frustrations trying to implement the changes into their business.

From Elk Ridge, our MERIT Saskatchewan team continued onto beautiful Otter Lake.   Spending three days in northern Saskatchewan provided a relaxing setting which allowed us to discuss our strategic goals for the coming six months.

It also provided an opportunity for team building without day to day distractions. It allowed us to continue to get to know each other on a more personal level, since most of us work from independent locations.

Our team building activities were refreshing and fun as we had a rib cook-off, paper airplane contest and a fish derby.

Most importantly, we all came away from the event rejuvenated and even more energized to reach our goals and better serve our MERIT members.