June 4 2018 Blog

The Low Down on Construction – June 4

DEEDS SPEAK!  What you do is more important than what you say, we all know that. Our over 5,500 member employees live by these words in the dedication and care they put into their work every day.

MERIT is celebrating our 30th anniversary this year. While it’s taken the efforts of many people to help us reach this historic milestone, there have been a few remarkable contributors that have gone above and beyond to make MERIT what it is today. 

Throughout life we all meet special people whose actions leave a lasting impression. For me, Hilda Szabo is one of those inspiring people who made a difference. Not only did she make significant contributions to the growth of MERIT, but also to the development of the construction industry in Saskatchewan.

Under Hilda’s strategic leadership, MERIT grew from under 20 members to close to 100 between 1994 and 2008. During her time with MERIT, she created accessible career training for supervisors looking to expand their managerial skills. The key to the growth in the training field was Hilda’s understanding that the training MERIT could provide would meet the future needs of the construction industry. She didn’t simply say we need to be ready for the future, she took action to make it happen!

More importantly, Hilda introduced youth to life-changing opportunities in the construction field. She was ahead of her time in promoting construction as a viable career, which helped create today’s industry leaders. Whether it was in school classrooms or trade fairs, Hilda would enthusiastically demonstrate the long-term benefits of a career in the trades.

Hilda was also focused on building up the open shop movement in our province through advocacy. Her overall dedication to MERIT and its membership in the early years was part of the foundation for Saskatchewan’s recent growth.

We will be forever grateful for Hilda’s work!