June 27 Blog

The Low Down on Construction – June 27

Recently, the provincial government made it clear that they will be introducing prompt payment legislation in the Fall of 2018.

This has been an issue that MERIT has been advocating for well over a year, and we were proud to support other industry associations that formed the Prompt Payment Saskatchewan Group to help guide the provincial government to develop effective legislation.

While the details of the promised legislation are as yet unknown, MERIT has been recommending measures including late payment measures to help provide greater certainty to contractors and their employees.

Delaying payment to contractors for work that has been certified as complete, is an unfair transfer of risk to contractors and can add unnecessary costs to construction projects. Construction accounts for almost 10% of Saskatchewan’s GDP, and is the province’s third-largest employer.

The provincial government’s promise to introduce prompt payment legislation is welcome by MERIT and our 5,500 members and their employees.

We thank our colleagues in the Prompt Payment Saskatchewan Group who helped advocate for this important change to help keep construction contractors working and keep building our province.