June 20 Blog

The Low Down on Construction – June 20

Last week we met with the SaskBuilds Board of Directors for the first time. We had been advocating for this opportunity to connect with the people that make the decisions about our province’s infrastructure spending for quite some time, so it was an exciting day for us. 

The main premise of the meeting was to provide the SaskBuilds Board with an overview of theresults of our annual Wage and Compensation Survey, which we believe would provide important context to their decisions. It was also a chance to share with them our perspective on the state of the construction industry and update them on what Merit Saskatchewan has been up to in recent months. We took this time to highlight the fact that we are continuing to help grow the province and create jobs and economic stability. I’m happy to report that the meeting was very positive and the key information we presented regarding our 2017 wage survey was well accepted. In fact, they have requested that we continue to share information with them on a regular basis. Overall, our meeting with the SaskBuilds Board achieved our goals.  We have started to create a positive working relationship with them and we have established Merit as a trusted voice and a valuable source of reliable industry information. I fully expect they will reach out to us in the future to provide more  information.

As usual, some key Merit Board members added an important degree of credibility to our meeting. I extend my sincere thanks to Brent Timmerman (TECH Electric), Ian Knibbs (Coram Construction), Mike Lamontagne (Westridge Construction) and Kelly Panteluk (Kelly Panteluk Construction) for their time and participation.