June 18 Blog

The Low Down on Construction – June 18

We’re very proud of the accomplishments of our members, so when one of them stands out in the crowd, we like to acknowledge their work.

TECH Electric is a Saskatchewan-owned electrical contracting firm focused on commercial and institutional electrical construction.   TECH Electric was founded in 1981 and operates in Saskatoon and Prince Albert. Projects range from condo complexes and commercial office towers to major box stores, theatres, recreational facilities and institutions like schools, universities and hospitals.

But what really caught our eye was the key role TECH played in the University of Saskatchewan Ice Facility project. The new arena, Merlis Belsher Place, has the first NBA-sized basketball courts in the city, a 3,500-spectator area and community arena.  TECH’s electrical bid was based on a design-build approach and it was their innovation that secured them a spot on the construction team.

“We believe the design-build approach developed a stronger relationship that allowed for innovation to bubble up,” said TECH Electric partner Brent Timmerman, “Design team meetings included all stakeholders creating the opportunity to share our thoughts and expertise with the group while also learning from the experience in the room.”  Brent believes that this approach allowed for a more thorough and innovative design.

TECH Electric’s commitment to providing high quality work has earned them many high-profile projects but, like a true leader, Brent credits the entire team for TECH Electric’s accomplishments.  “We are so proud of our entire team, from our estimators who carry the weight of our entire company on tender closing days to our creative tradespeople and project managers who solve problems,” said Brent. “It all comes back to helping our customers build better buildings.  Our team members never lose sight of that mission because, in our view, if we aren’t adding value then we aren’t doing our job.”

“We enjoy complexity and never want to avoid but instead learn from challenges,” added Brent.  “Projects like the Dakota Dunes Casino and Merlis Belsher Place (U of S Ice Facility) are dream jobs for us because they require that we get into the end users’ shoes to truly understand how we can build it better.”

One of the other key factors that sets TECH Electric apart from other companies is their guiding principle:  “We believe in always looking for the ‘better way’, then topping it”, said Brent.  

We are very proud to say that TECH Electric is part of the MERIT family and congratulate them on the work they have done at the landmark project, Merlis Belsher Place.