July 6 Blog

The Low Down on Construction – July 6

Recently our Merit team sent Mr. Mike Carr, Deputy Minister Ministry of Labour Relations and Workplace Safety our recommendations on the Workers’ Compensation Act Committee of Review.  (Click HERE to view our full submission.)

I felt it was vitally important that we respond to the Provincial Government’s request for feedback on these new recommendations. It shows that Merit’s membership and voice are respected within the construction industry and within the provincial government.

This review has not been an easy task. We commend the government for its courage and vision to modernize a system that is currently lacking the agility to meet the needs of today’s employers and workers.

We believe our recommendations and contemplated changes will strengthen the WCB and allow it to be more responsive to the many challenges it currently faces.

On behalf of many employers and workers represented by Merit Contractors, we again thank the Saskatchewan government for the opportunity to provide our thoughts, recommendations.  and input regarding the future of WCB in Saskatchewan.

We look forward to the outcome and welcome any further dialogue on our submission.

As well our Merit team welcomes the opportunity to discuss any other issues you feel are important and affect your business and employees.