July 21 Blog

The Low-Down on Construction – July 21

This week I had the privilege of hosting Merit colleagues from across Canada as ten of us met in Saskatoon for two days’ discussion and training around sales and marketing Merit products.

Marketing and sales is a crucial activity for all associations.  At Merit Saskatchewan, our Directors have identified growth as our number one strategic priority.  After all, growth not only sustains the services we provide to members, but a larger pool of members also ensures overall stability of benefit plan rates.

Learning from colleagues was an extremely rich experience for our Merit Sask marketing team.  It was the kick-start we were looking for to re-energize our sales efforts for the coming year.  We enjoyed learning about the world of insurance from Glenn in Nova Scotia, about how Merit Newfoundland is handling the downturn in their economy as a result of lower oil prices, and how we can collaborate with our neighbors in Manitoba.  The expertise that the team from the ICBA in BC brought to the table was truly insightful.

While the sales learning was excellent, I found that building a sense of comradery with our peers from across Canada was the greater goal.  We often feel as though we are in a “silo” as we go about our everyday business.  Talking with other open shop leaders reminds us that we have support from others that have most likely experienced what we are experiencing.  

I look forward to the next of these meetings.