January 31 2018 Blog

The Low Down on Construction

On behalf of the entire Merit membership, we would like to congratulate Premier designate Scott Moe on winning the SaskParty leadership race.

We felt each of the leadership candidates brought something unique to the race and we thank each of them for their dedication to providing a positive outlook for the future of our province.

Thoughtout the race, Scott Moe genuinely sought to connect with our members and our association. He has an understanding of what’s important to business success and our province’s economy. Plus, I’m personally elated he’s from Shellbrook, just a short drive from the Merit office. I’m excited to work with him as he starts a new chapter in Saskatchewan history.

We look forward to discussing the reinstatement of the PST exemption on health and life insurance. Reinstating the exception, retroactively to August 1, 2017 shows a true commitment to help our members and small businesses in Saskatchewan.

Once the new cabinet has been sworn in, we will begin meeting with key Ministers and party officials to discuss the construction industry and the importance of open shop businesses.  We will strongly advocate on your behalf to ensure continued investmeant in infrastructure. These discussions are vital as they will encourage entrepreneurship while growing our economy and providing career opportunities for our children so they can continue to call Saskatchewan home.

On a final note, I would like to congratulate all candidates on their campaigns. As I reflect on the political events of the past week in Ontario and Nova Scotia, I think we should all be proud that after five months of hard campaigning, not one scandal overshadowed the Saskatchewan leadership race.  That speaks volumes about the credibility and integrity of our home-grown politicians.