January 17 2019 Blog

The Low-Down on Construction – January 17, 2019

Happy new year to all our members and to workers and employers across the trades.

As 2019 kicks off we are seeing a growing movement of workers, employers, business, and politicians in support of Canada’s resources sectors and the industries that both service and benefit from them.

MERIT Saskatchewan stands resolutely behind those who are showing up to truck convoys, resource rallies, and other demonstrations in support of the various sectors that are the backbone of Canada’s economy.

Here in Saskatchewan we have seen convoys of independent truckers in the south east, rallies at the Legislature and more planned in communities across the province. We know that our members – thousands of open shop employers and workers – are directly and indirectly affected by slowdowns and bottlenecks in the resource sector. Whether it is a punitive carbon tax that unfairly targets smaller companies and working families, or bad government legislation like Bill C-69 (the so-called “anti-pipeline bill”) Saskatchewan and Canadian workers all have a vested interest in getting resources to market.

2018 was a successful year for MERIT members as we saw government action on WCB reform, Prompt Payment legislation, and commitments to open-tendering for public projects and procurement; we expect 2019 will see continued challenges on the resource sector and the impact it has for construction, trades, and elsewhere.

As the voice of thousands of open-shop employers and workers in Saskatchewan, we will continue to stand up for our members here, and work with industry bodies across Canada to help keep Saskatchewan and Canada working.

Thank you all for your support in 2018, and please keep in touch as we move forward on this and other important issues in 2019.