January 17 2018 blog

The Low Down on Construction – January 17

2018 marks the 30th anniversary of Merit Contractors Association, Saskatchewan’s only open shop association.

Since 1988, I can proudly say that we have encouraged and championed open competition and a free enterprise approach to construction in Saskatchewan.  Through our journey, our members have demonstrated resilience and growth as the provincial construction industry adapted to changing economic circumstances.

We have a solid business foundation today because of the ground-breaking work of Merit’s early leadership. One of those key leaders was Hilda Szabo, who took the reins of Merit in 1993.  

Hilda was one of the early voices that stepped forward to advocate for the construction industry at both the provincial and federal levels. Her work created positive change that has made for a better construction industry today.

When Hilda started, things were much different.  We had fewer than 20 members and had very limited resources to promote the organization.  The government of the day was not open shop-friendly so we had lots of work to do on the advocacy front. 

But that didn’t deter Hilda.   She helped change the face of the organization by focusing on membership growth, continuing advocacy efforts, and promoting the trades industry to youth.

Our association proudly includes contractors from virtually every segment of the construction industry. The force that binds these various contractors together is their commitment to the Merit philosophy and their desire to provide the best for their employees.

Our official commemoration of our 30th anniversary will take place at our awards event on May 4.  However, we will be announcing other activities to mark the occasion throughout the year.  Saty tuned! 

We look forward to the next 30 years as the voice of open shop contractors.