February 21 Blog

The Low Down On Construction

Recent decisions and comments by Prime Minister Trudeau may have a lasting negative effect on our province, costing Saskatchewan residents employment opportunities and the opportunity to strengthen our quality of life.

If you feel as though Prime Minister Trudeau has turned his back on small business in Saskatchewan and Canada, you’re not alone. Whether it is the carbon tax, pipeline discussions or unwarranted tax reforms for entrepreneurs and small business

, many business owners are feeling as though they are under attack.

Despite our current differences we need to maintain our working relationship with the federal government. It is important they understand our membership’s contribution to the economy.

We will join Premier Moe and other Saskatchewan industry leaders to ensure our members’ voice is heard, loud and clear. While we do have a few key differences of opinion, I feel we have created a positive working relationship with our elected officials in Ottawa by way of our ongoing communication and lobbying efforts. 

In 2018 our Merit team will continue those efforts. We will work closely with elected officials to encourage more federal infrastructure spending In Saskatchewan.

While our members are in a competitive industry we need to show a united front when dealing with Prime Minister Trudeau and his government. From our grass roots communities to our urban centres, this show of leadership will ultimately bring projects to Saskatchewan to grow our province.