December 12 Blog

The Low Down on Construction – December 12

The final chapter of the Saskatchewan Party Leadership race is close to being written. The six candidates all have shared their vision for Saskatchewan’s future with us. I have had the pleasure of meeting each of them and discussed the needs of our MERIT membership and the current landscape of the construction industry.

Leadership campaigns are a great opportunity to deliver our organization’s message to a wider audience. The strength and diversity of our membership will play a deciding role not only in the upcoming leadership races but also in the next provincial election.

I am really excited about this unique opportunity. Together we have the chance to shape the history and future direction of Saskatchewan. Our MERIT membership will help select the next Premier and we need to ensure we have proven leadership that will unite the province and find common sense solutions. We must work together to keep Saskatchewan strong and growing.

Each leadership candidate brings something unique and important to the table, as we learned from our conversations with them.  For example, Tina Beaudry-Mellor has some excellent social policy ideas that would lead our province in an innovative direction.  Scott Moe is very well-respected within the party with good reason.  He’s personable, and completely in touch with issues faced by both small business owners and workers .  Alanna Koch has a wealth of experience in government and strong ties to the agricultural sector, an important resource in our province.  Gord Wyant has earned his stripes in government as a thoughtful and compassionate leader.  Ken Cheveldayoff is undoubtedly one of the most passionate and hard-working individuals in the Saskatchewan Party.  It’s going to be a tough choice! 

Our advocacy work will not end once the leadership race is finalized. In the upcoming months, I intend to visit with the new leader to discuss options that will enhance the Saskatchewan construction industry.

As Premier Wall steps down, I want to thank him again for his dedication to making Saskatchewan vibrant and robust. Because of his passion, we are a province where people want to call home and raise their families.

I want to end this week’s blog with a quote from a 2013 Brad Wall speech. I believe it says it all.  “The purpose of growth in Saskatchewan is to secure a better quality of life for all Saskatchewan people.”