August 17 Blog

The Low Down on Construction – August 17

Since his announcement last week, I’ve had some time to reflect on what Premier Wall has done for the open shop construction industry and the entire province.

I found that his unprecedented leadership style fostered a new sense of Saskatchewan pride. His vision brought record growth to our economy and population. Premier Wall understood that strategic investments in infrastructure, facilities and services would be one of the key components in drawing people and investors to Saskatchewan.

His leadership not only strengthened our province through job creation and business ventures, it also provided an opportunity for our young people to stay and develop their careers at home.

I always appreciated the fact that he would make time to listen to any concerns we had and with his talented team of MLAs would work toward finding solutions and not put up road blocks.  He was truly committed to ensuring the best for Saskatchewan.

For me, Premier Wall will be remembered for his extraordinary passion for Saskatchewan and its residents.  You could see that in every speech he gave and in every difficult decision he made.

It’s this passion that helped to awaken a strong community culture that, to this day, radiates pride and a sense of accomplishment in being from Saskatchewan.

On behalf of our MERIT membership, I can honestly say Premier Wall will be missed. His legacy is the strong foundation that we can use to continue to build Saskatchewan. He has left Saskatchewan in better shape than he found it, and for that we are grateful.