August 10 blog

The Low Down of Construction – August 10

The Regina Bypass is the largest transportation project in Saskatchewan history. Once complete, it will allow motorists to safely commute to their destinations on Highway 1 east of Regina and will reduce congestion in and around Regina. It will also provide important linkages to the national highway system to help Saskatchewan producers and manufacturers get their goods to market.

More importantly, Merit members continue to be part of the talented team that is building bridges, designing roads and paving highways. We are proud of the fact that we have members who are making major contributions to the innovative, technical approach used to create this new transportation infrastructure.

This project is vital to the safety, future growth and development of Regina, the surrounding community and our province. It is commendable that the Bypass has developed positive relationships in the Saskatchewan construction community by using talented local Merit members.

Our entire industry will benefit greatly from the introduction and implementation of the new technologies and innovative ways of building Regina Bypass is using. This hands-on education can only be a positive for our members as they prepare their bids for future projects.