The Low-Down on Construction – September 2, 2019

Labour Day is an important day on our calendars. It’s a time to enjoy some much-needed extra time off to be with friends and family. It’s also a time for everyone to recognize and take stock of the unending contributions made by workers everywhere.

We at MERIT recognize that Labour Day is an important day to celebrate workers here in Saskatchewan. We also know that non-union workers often get sold short by “official” celebrations that focus solely on unionized workers, ignoring open-shop workers and contractors who make up more than three out of four of all workers in our province.

In our opinion, the focus on unionized labour diminishes the importance of Labour Day. Labour Day should be an opportunity to recognize ALL workers and contractors who are building our province and communities everyday.   After all, your contribution isn’t any less important if you’re not part of a union.

The work done by open shop workers and contractors is just as important AND just as safe as that done by unionized workers. In fact, the work done by open-shop workers and contractors adds hundreds of millions of dollars in value to our province every year.  

Whether it’s building new schools, hospitals, community centres, housing, and other infrastructure like completing the largest construction project in Saskatchewan’s history – the Regina Bypass –  we want to take the opportunity to thank ALL workers in Saskatchewan, who get up early, work hard, and stay late until the job is done right. Our province is stronger for your work.

Thank you from MERIT Saskatchewan.