The Low-Down on Construction – August 7, 2019

We have applauded the provincial government for its commitment to infrastructure over the past decade. The Regina Bypass, new schools, new hospitals, new and upgraded highways, and a host of other projects have been built with the help and expertise of MERIT’s members and have been a strong driver of the province’s growth since 2005.  But as we look ahead, we see troubling signs that infrastructure investments might become the victim of political wrangling.

Recently, the provincial government submitted a list of infrastructure projects identified as priorities for the province to the federal government.  Saskatchewan’s list is for projects in urban and rural communities across the province and include a runway expansion for Moose Jaw, improved safe drinking water, and numerous projects in small communities across the province. These projects would require thousands of construction workers of all kinds, would immediately spur spending, and help lay the foundation for future growth.

Unfortunately, the federal government has been slow to provide their share of funding, about $200 million. As you know, Saskatchewan’s construction season is short, and we’re already halfway through it. We need these projects to start moving forward now before we lose the season altogether. Delays in getting infrastructure built will cost our economy millions of dollars.

We support the provincial government in their push to get these projects moving now, and we urge the federal government to stop playing politics with projects that benefit our members, our communities, and our province.