The Low-Down on Construction – July 17, 2019

Today marks exactly one month since the federal government announced they had re-approved the Trans-Mountain pipeline expansion project (TMX), and even though they keep saying “it will be built” the country is still waiting.

Canada’s oil and gas sector used to be a key economic driver, not only regionally in Alberta, Newfoundland, and here in Saskatchewan, but it spurred investment and growth all across the country. Billions of dollars every year in government revenue, private wages, and local purchasing of goods and services meant almost 530,000 good paying, skilled jobs nationally.  These revenues literally paved the way Canada’s investment in infrastructure.

Effective infrastructure investment, including pipelines, is the foundation for economic growth and improved quality of life. As we see with the ongoing delays on projects big and small, national and provincial policy matters.

Saskatchewan is experiencing three infrastructure challenges that must be addressed concurrently:

  • addressing the infrastructure deficit from the past.
  • addressing the current growth in population and the economy that Saskatchewan is experiencing
  • preparing for future growth in the province

Public projects like the Regina ByPass are important to our way of life.  Private investment in mines and manufacturing are equally crucial to our economic growth.  Getting construction of the TMX pipeline moving will provide much needed jobs as well as a way to get our resources to market, making it a double win!

We’ve urged the federal government in the past to move forward with TMX, and we will do so again, with the best interests of our members, the industry, and our province foremost in our mind.