The Low-Down on Construction – July 9, 2019

The Sask Party government is seeking input from Saskatchewan residents to help identify priorities as they look ahead to planning for the next decade of growth in our province.

In 2012, the government launched A Plan for Growth as a blueprint for the coming decade. It helped shape the government’s priorities and frame the policies they would implement over the coming years. While it wasn’t without its faults, by and large I think we can call their plan a success.

At MERIT we know that in order to succeed you must have a plan. Everyday the thousands of open-shop employers of our province are busy looking ahead and planning to ensure their business thrives. We must expect the same from government.

The construction industry accounts for over 10% of the province’s GDP, and open shop employers and employees make up more than 85% of that.  This is now our chance to be heard and for our influence to be felt.

MERIT will be providing a written submission to government, but we encourage all our members and their employees to continue the message.  We need investment and sound economic policies to re-ignite the flame of growth.  We need to get Saskatchewan moving again!  Our open shop contractors stand ready and willing to provide the backbone to that growth.

We encourage you to visit the government’s website to provide your ideas: https://www.skcaucus.com/feedback

While you’re at it, send us an email at info@meritsask.com to let us know your thoughts.  We’d love to hear from you!