The Low-Down on Construction – February 20, 2019

The provincial government is in the process of finalizing this year’s budget, and MERIT is encouraged to hear early indications that the government’s promise to balance the budget and eliminate the deficit are coming true. As our members know in their businesses and households, you cannot spend more than you take in and hope to remain a viable business or sustainable household.

But we also want to address the need for the government to balance its approach to balancing the budget. Premier Wall used to say that governments often talk about growing the economy or reducing deficits as an end in itself, but we need “finish the sentence”…. economic growth and balanced budget allow for governments – or businesses, or households – to reinvest the savings.

It’s no secret that we have seen economic slowdown in our province as a result of several issues including a global slowdown in resource revenues. But government policy matters, and MERIT has long advocated for strong policy to improve economic performance for our members, whether it’s been through keeping public procurement open to all qualified bidders, red-tape reduction, or ongoing investment in public infrastructure.

MERIT has always advocated for policy solutions to help the trades, construction, and related sectors continue to work, and we await the final budget announcement in March for solutions to help overcome the slow-down felt across our sector since 2015.