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The Low Down on Construction – May 21

There’s a lot of talk about pipelines right now. It seems every time we pick up a newspaper, turn on the news, or tune in the radio people are talking about pipelines. And it makes sense. Pipelines are an important piece of our province and our country’s economies. We need them. But there’s more to the story about what makes pipelines so important to Saskatchewan. Pipelines have MERIT.

If you’ve driven anywhere west of Regina, or north of Moose Jaw you can easily see the work being done on Enbridge’s Line 3 replacement project. This pipeline stretches from Alberta, across Saskatchewan, into Manitoba and South to the United States. But what does that mean?

While most people understand the big picture benefits that these projects bring to the provincial or national economy, they sometimes don’t make the connection to the local economy. Billions of dollars are generated every year by Canada’s oil & gas sector, from extraction, and refining, to transportation, nearly 10% of our nation’s economy relies the energy sector. In Saskatchewan alone, work on Line 3 is estimated to account for almost 4,500 direct jobs, and another 3,400 indirect ones. And we’re proud to say that our province’s open shop contractors and workers are involved every step of the way to ensure this project is built safely and quickly.

We need to ensure that Canada remains a place where major projects like this continue to be built. We have been supportive of federal measures in the past that would keep Canada working, including the Infrastructure Bank recently announced by Ottawa. But when it comes to pipelines, unfortunately we are seeing a lack of leadership by the federal and some provincial governments, and instead seeing political games being played. This not only hurts our ability continue to attract investment, build infrastructure and projects, and keep working, but it also hurts local contractors.

Pipelines help build our province and our country, and from manufacturing, to transportation, to installation, and finishing, and MERIT contractors are helping build pipelines. 

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