Judges’ Advice

And now a word from our Judges!

Each nomination is reviewed and scored by our panel of three judges.  Here’s the advice they offer to nominators:



Be clear about why you feel this person should be nominated.  Explain specifically what makes the person and/or the project unique, different and exceptional compared to the rest.

Dale Botting, Botting Leadership Inc.




Fill out the nomination form completely and don’t leave out information or skip sections.  Have a good look at each question and make sure you are providing the information that is being requested.

Jeff Ritter, CEO of the Saskatchewan Apprenticeship and Trade Certification Commission




Since we score the nominations based on what we receive, it’s very important that you provide more information rather than less.  Don’t be shy to “brag it up” because if you don’t we won’t be able to score that nomination properly.

Hilda Szabo, Executive Director of the General Contractors Association of Saskatchewan