Cautious Consumerism: Identity Theft and Fraud

Cautious Consumerism: Identity Theft and Fraud

Join this free session from the Credit Counseling Society to learn about how to protect not only yourself from scams and fraudulent activity but your loved ones as well.


In this day and age of digital communication and online shopping, frauds and scams have become very commonplace. In fact, frauds and scams cost Canadian residents billions of dollars every year. A lot of times frauds and scams are committed because scammers are trying to gain access to our finances and to our credit so that they can ultimately acquire money.

Even savvy consumers can have their identity stolen from them or be scammed if they are not exercising caution. Online frauds and scams aside, traditional scams are still alive and well too.

For example, while many of us worry a lot about protecting our email accounts with complicated passwords, we are not watching out for our regular mail with the same kind of diligence. Many of us are not aware that things like this need to be protected as well, let alone how to protect ourselves.

The good news is that we can support you in learning about how to protect not only yourself from scams and fraudulent activity but your loved ones as well.

Join us for an interactive 1-hour webinar (online workshop) where you will learn how to:

  • Identify if something might be a scam or if it’s an attempt at fraud
  • Identify some of the more common scams in practice right now
  • Report fraud if you fall victim to it
  • Protect yourself against identity theft
  • Be aware of some of the most common scams in Canada
  • Learn the key signs of common scams. For example,
    • What they can look like
    • What they can sound like
    • Who to report them to, and ultimately,
    • What you can do about it

This webinar, Cautious Consumerism: Identity Theft and Fraud, will also help you to understand the differences between Identity Theft and Identity Fraud


This workshop is conducted by the Credit Counseling Society of BC.

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There are no prerequisites for this course.

Who Should Attend

Anyone who is seeking a better understanding of how to manage their money.