FREE WEBINAR: Inclusive Holidays: Beyond a One Size Fits All Approach

FREE WEBINAR: Inclusive Holidays: Beyond a One Size Fits All Approach


Join us for a conversation on ‘Inclusive Holidays: Beyond a One-Size-Fits-All Approach’


Several times a year employees across North America are granted days off to observe statutory holidays, but what are these statutory holidays about? What about folks who would prefer to take a different day off to celebrate a cultural or religious holiday that is not a recognized stat? Increasingly, organizations are realizing that an inclusive approach to holidays is part of an overall strategy to create a welcoming environment where employees want to work, collaborate, and learn. 

Join us for a conversation on ‘Inclusive Holidays: Beyond a One-Size-Fits-All Approach’ with leading HR and EDI experts Sara Hamelin and Shalyma Cambridge, as we explore:

  • The challenges and barriers that can exist within traditional approaches to holiday planning
  • Principles for building inclusivity into holiday planning
  • Alternatives to the traditional ‘one size fits all’ approach


Presenters: Sara Hamelin (She/Her), HR Consultant

Sara is an accomplished Human Resources leader with over 15 years of experience having worked for top brands including Norco Bicycles, Hootsuite and Starbucks. Her extensive knowledge in HR has given Sara a unique perspective on the challenges that people face in the workplace. Her passion for helping others is the driving force in all that she does.

Moderator: Shalyma Cambridge (She/Her), Director, HRx

Shalyma Cambridge is an executive coach, facilitator, and frequent speaker, passionate about the development of courageous leadership, inclusive practices, and demonstrated commitment to diversity. She brings a deep understanding of complex organizations and over a decade of experience executing communication and change management strategies; developing and facilitating training; and coaching in a variety of settings.

As a child of parents who chose to immigrate to Canada from the Caribbean, Shalyma grew-up straddling two cultures. This experience afforded her the ability to engage with empathy and understanding across “difference;” see clearly the challenges and shortcomings with regards to equity within society; and value the power of community building and storytelling in shaping better futures. Her unique perspective eventually drew her to the field of equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI).

As both a Partner and Director of Client Solutions within the Vancouver-based EDI consultancy, HRx, Shalyma is immersed in all facets of consulting, training development, and coaching to help organizations build equity conscious leaders and work environments nationally. With first-hand knowledge of the importance of building community, she co-founded the initiative Kaiso Careers which provides training to BIPOC entrepreneurs and emerging leaders in developing personal brands grounded in authenticity. 

Along with these endeavours, Shalyma continues to work actively as an executive coach where she draws on her prior experience working internally in the fields of financial services and healthcare to support leaders at all levels. With a background in training leaders across North America in self-awareness, audience-centeredness, clarity of communication and inspired vision to support, it is her belief that when a culture of authentic, inclusive and bold leadership is encouraged, people are inspired to be their best.

Shalyma holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Graduate Certificate in Communications Management, certification as an Organizational Coach through the University of British Columbia and is certified to administer the Hogan Assessment; Myers-Briggs and Personality Dimensions. As of June, 2023, she also holds a Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership. A dedicated volunteer, Shalyma has sat as a member of the Vancouver Board of Trade Diversity and Inclusion Committee since its inception, co-led the Vancouver Culture Collective Chapter which held space to share learnings on transforming and building great cultures in the workplace and sat on the Board for the Trinidad & Tobago Cultural Society of BC which produces the largest Caribbean festival in BC.

Outside of work, you’ll find Shalyma spending time with her husband and two energetic kids.


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