Understanding Unions for Non-Unionized Workplaces (British Columbia)

Understanding Unions for Non-Unionized Workplaces (British Columbia)


Employee and labor relations is an exciting field that covers a wide variety of areas such as labor law, people management, and the relationship between workers and management in unionized workplaces. However, the focus of this webinar will be on your open shop model or non-unionized workplace.  

Unions have had a significant impact on corporate and people management practices and in many cases have influenced employers in non-union environments to adopt more progressive practices. This includes how employees are hired, how performance is managed, and how discipline is administered.  

This 2-hour introductory LR webinar will give our members in non-unionized workplaces a look into how to better understand your existing employee management practices.  

We will cover such topics as: 

  • Introduction to Labour Relations 

  • Applicable Laws & Legislation 

  • Labour Code vs Employment Standards- which apply to your workplace 

  • Human Rights Code 

  • Charter of Rights & Freedoms 

  • Functions of Unions 

  • Worker representation 

  • Why workers may seek representation 

  • How unions organize a workplace 

  • Who commences certification action? 

  • What is required to be certified? 

  • The representation vote: Card Check vs. Secret Ballot – and why this is important 

  • Employers’ rights and responsibilities during an organizing campaign 

  • What is an “Unfair Labour Practice” and how to avoid 

  • Effective communication strategies 

  • Case Study 


Delivery Method: Virtual Session – Zoom Webinar 

Course Fee Includes: Access to the course, course materials, and upon completion a digital certificate if requested. 

This course is delivered in partnership with local and provincial construction associations across Canada. You will be participating with a group of industry peers from multiple regions. 


There are no prerequisites for this course.   

Technical Requirements

  1. Computer or laptop

    • This course will involve on-screen interaction with your instructor and classmates, reading/viewing on-screen content (slides or videos), and interacting via typing with questions or responses. For this reason, cellphones may not be adequate. 

    • Windows 10 or Mac iOS. 

  1. Internet connection- For best results, you will want to ensure you have an internet connection with an upload/download speed of 3-5 Mbps. You can test your internet speed here. The minimum recommended speed is 1.5 Mbps, but anything below 3 Mbps may result in loss of quality or buffering. Ideally hardwired connection versus wireless for stability - connect your computer directly to your router using an ethernet cable, rather than using your home wi-fi.

  2. A quiet space with minimal distractions –The microphone will be engaged for interactive sessions. Please plan to be fully engaged in the class and clear your work schedule just as you would for the in-class program.

  3. Comfortable chair


Who Should Attend

This session was designed for anyone who would like a better understanding of the Labour Relations that affect non-unionized workplaces.