Level 1 Rigger Certification Course

Level 1 Rigger Certification Course

(Fulford Certificate)


Taught by an accomplished crane instructor and Rigger Certifier, the Level 1 Rigger Certification Course combines in-class content with practical experience. In this 1-day course, students receive classroom theory and hands-on practical training including calculating load weights, finding load center of gravity, rigging loads, and making actual crane lifts giving directions to the crane operator. 

The training will be followed by a written exam and a one-on-one hands-on assessment by the instructor who is a Rigger Certifier. The instructor will provide feedback on each participant’s skills, giving successful participants a Level 1 Rigger Certificate of Competence valid for 5 years.   

The goal of the Level 1 training program is to equip you for a safe career as a knowledgeable and confident rigger.


Course Outline

  • Crane and hoisting hand signals
  • Load weight estimation
  • Location of the load center of gravity (COG)
  • Rigging hardware and appropriate uses
  • Rigging hardware inspection and rejection criteria (regulations vary by jurisdiction)
  • Use of rigging tables to select appropriate hardware for hoisting
  • Sling angle capacity calculation
  • Care and storage of rigging hardware
  • Common hazards and safety around cranes and overhead hoists
  • Lift planning and advanced topics awareness

 Entrance requirements

  • Adequate strength
  • Fluent English
  • Good reading comprehension


  • A written exam
  • A hands-on assessment



After being certified as a Level 1 Rigger you will receive a Fulford Cranesafe picture ID wallet card valid for 5 years.


Watch a video about this training here! 




There are no prerequisites for this course, however, it is advised that participants should meet the following requirements: 

  • Adequate strength
  • Fluent English
  • Good reading comprehension