Labour Relations – BC’s New Unionization Rules

Labour Relations – BC’s New Unionization Rules

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In 2022, the BC NDP Government changed provincial labour law and stripped workers of the right to a secret ballot in many union certification drives. This made “card check” the law of the land for the first time since 2001, and building trades unions are expected to become more aggressive in 2023 in trying to unionize open shop businesses like yours. 

It’s vital ICBA members understand these rules, so ICBA Training is offering a free, 90-minute webinar with labour lawyer Craig Munroe. 

Craig will lead a high-level discussion on the impact of the loss of the secret ballot and return of card check, and how it impacts your company, including: 

  • BC’s current legal environment – the loss of the secret ballot
  • What is card check?
  • Implications for companies and workers
  • The process
  • Q&A

Rules of Conduct:  

  • If you have questions prepared in advance, please email them to Ally Bodnar at  
  • To ask a question during the information session, please use the Q&A window in Zoom and your question will be relayed to the panelists by the moderator.  

Please note:  

  • All questions submitted in advance or via the Zoom Q&A function will be anonymously posed to the panel, with the question asker's name confidential.  
  • This is an information session only.  
  • This session will not be recorded.  

Disclaimer: The content of this presentation is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as legal advice. 


Delivery Method:  Virtual Session – Zoom Webinar  

Course Fee Includes: Access to the course.  


There are no prerequisites for this course.   

Technical Requirements

  1. Computer or laptop 

    • This course will involve on-screen interaction with your instructor and classmates, reading/viewing on-screen content (slides or videos), and interacting via typing with questions or responses. For this reason, cellphones may not be adequate

    • Windows 10 or Mac iOS  

  1. Internet connection - For best results, you will want to ensure you have an internet connection with an upload/download speed of 3-5 Mbps. You can test your internet speed here. Minimum recommended speed is 1.5 Mbps, but anything below 3 Mbps may result in loss of quality or buffering. Ideally hardwired connection versus wireless for stability - connect your computer directly to your router using an ethernet cable, rather than using your home wi-fi.  

  1. A quiet space with minimal distractions - microphone will be engaged for interactive sessions. Please plan to be fully engaged in the class and clear your work schedule just as you would for the in-class program.    

  1. Comfortable chair