Leading People to Peak Performance

Leading People to Peak Performance

Gold Seal: 2 Credits


All organizations are faced with mounting competitive pressures and escalating expectations and demands from clients and customers. The people in the organization are being asked to meet these increasing demands with fewer resources. Today organizations that hope to remain financially viable must unleash the potential of their most precious resource – the human asset!  


This proven, powerful, and practical learning experience is absolutely essential for all supervisors and managers who are striving to bring the best out of their people! How much untapped potential, energy, commitment, and creativity currently exists within your organization, team or department? What would it mean to your culture and bottom-line if you could learn to unleash just 10% more of the human potential?  


Benefits of Attending 

  • Deepen your understanding of leadership, communication, motivation, delegation, engagement, and coaching. 

  • Develop the leadership competencies that are essential for motivating people. 

  • Learn proven, powerful, and practical strategies and techniques you can apply the next day. 


Topics Covered: 

  • Leadership Fundamentals 

  • Building Productive Relationships 

  • Creating a Culture of Engagement & Teamwork 

  • Delegation & Empowerment 

  • Core Communication Skills 

  • Coaching & Feedback Skills 

  • Moving to Action 


Duration: Two full days (16 Hours) of in classroom lessons with an instructor.  

Course Fee Includes: The course, course materials, and a digital certificate upon completion.  


There are no prerequisites for this session.

What Previous Participants Have Said

“I left feeling empowered.” 

“Should have taken this course when I first became a supervisor.” 

“I would like to bring this content and Greg to my entire company.” 

Who Should Attend

This session would be beneficial for new team leaders and supervisors, any professionals that will be moving to a leadership role, and anyone that wants to build a more productive team.