Writing Tips

Writing a WINNING Nomination

Preparation is KEY

  • Before you begin, give some serious thought to why you want to nominate the individual. Why is he or she deserving of the award?  What makes them special? 
  • Jot down some notes to make sure you include important points in the nomination.
  • Make sure you have all the necessary information. If you need a letter of reference, get it.  If you need some pictures, take them.  If you need a safety record, locate it.

Content COUNTS

Our judges are relying on your nomination to “see” your nominee’s attributes.  Providing detailed information is key!

  • If you choose to hand write your nomination, make sure it’s legible.
  • Cover all the areas – don’t skip a question or leave information out.
  • Can’t find that perfect word you’re looking for? Click here to find it!
  • Write from the heart. There’s nothing like real emotion to make your nomination stand out in the crowd.
  • Use descriptive language to explain why your nominee should win.
  • Give specific examples to paint a picture.


Good – Our company always puts safety first
Much Better –  Our company increased safety boot allowances to $300 per year to ensure everyone has the best and safest equipment available

Good – Sam demonstrates good leadership skills
Much Better Sam works diligently at constantly improving his leadership skills through formal training and working with a well-respected mentor. 

More is BETTER

Although you may not be required to provide additional information such as a letter of reference or pictures, these things will help build the credibility of your nomination. 

The LAST Word

Remember our judges don’t know the nominee like you do.  They rely on your nomination to score that individual.  Take the time to do a complete job, and your chances of success will be much better.