2018 Leadership and Mentoring Award Winner

2018 Leadership and Mentoring Award Winner

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Bud Green has been employed by Quorex Construction as a Senior Project Manager and Estimator for 28 years, and involved in the construction industry for 45 years. During his time with Quorex, he has played a lead role in making the company the respected general contracting firm that it is today.

Bud’s success in his career is in large part due to his focus on the client. He puts the customer at the forefront of his decision-making and has passed that philosophy down to the many others he has mentored over the years. It has earned him the respect and admiration of not only the client, but his co-workers and the subtrades. The other cornerstone of Bud’s success is his commitment to completing the job the right way the first time. He leads by example and has spent hours ensuring the job is done on time and to the highest of standards.

Bud has impacted the culture of Quorex during his 28 years. He has helped to instill an open door policy, with a focus on collaborative team-based training. He has actively mentored both project managers and estimators at Quorex. In fact, his influence created a program where all project managers have estimating training, allowing Quorex to provide well-rounded staff and expertise to clients.

Bud is known for his ability and willingness to share his 45 years of construction knowledge with many of the staff at Quorex in a meaningful and respectful way. We consider Bud to be a shining example of what makes the construction industry so unique, and a highly qualified winner of the 2018 Leadership and Mentoring Award.