2018 Field Employee Award Winner

2018 Field Employee of the Year Award Winner

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Eric Goodman is an accomplished Red Seal Journeyperson Carpenter and has been a Lead Hand for FWS Group of Companies for the past four years. He is confident in every decision he makes and is able to make them on the fly. Strong communication is a key skill for any Lead Hand, and Eric excels in this area. He gets along with anyone and crew members are comfortable going to him with questions and concerns. He takes the time to listen and explains and demonstrates his answers clearly. Eric is an extremely hard worker who is reliable and is a truly valuable asset to the FWS team. 
Eric has phenomenal leadership skills, which he shows everyday on the job site. He takes the time to pass on his knowledge and experience to other crew members while also keeping a close eye on the rest of the team to ensure they are working safely. Everyone who works with Eric looks up to him for advice. His leadership skills have earned him great respect. 
Eric’s safety record is outstanding and he leads by example. He ensures that he keeps up with training when his tickets are about to expire and he always communicates with FWS crew members and sub-contractors on safety issues or hazards. 
Ongoing learning is another trait that sets Eric apart from others. He has taken Supervisory training to prepare him for the next level in his career and he always encourages others to further their training as well. This abundant knowledge, combined with an overriding sense of commitment to the people he works with, makes Eric Goodman a most deserving winner of the 2018 Field Employee of the Year Award.
Pictured below:  Eric accepting his award from Colin Olfert, Vice Chair of the General Contractors Association (sponsors of the award).