Essential Electrical Estimating Skills

Certificate in Essential Electrical Estimating Skills

PLEASE NOTE:  This Certificate may qualify for funding under the Re-Open Saskatchewan Training Subsidy (RSTS) to approved employers.
Cost: $700 + GST
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As the province continues to roll out its Re-Open Saskatchewan Plan, contractors and their employees are being challenged to adjust to new safety protocols and a different way of managing their work crews in order to effectively comply with active Public Health Orders.

This Certificate in Essential Electrical Estimating Skills will provide course participants with the knowledge and develop skills to estimate electrical construction projects and prepare a successful bid.  

The Certificate in Essential Electrical Estimating Skills consists of the following 2 Full days (16 hours) live instructor lead training sessions, plus an online portion involving research, reading, and answering questions (7-8 hours) that will be marked by the instructors.  By the end of the 2 days participants will be able to:

  • Calculate work quantities from engineering drawings
  • Adjust for material swell and shrink factors
  • Assemble efficient crews and determine productivity
  • Put into practice effective methods for determining job costs.
  • Use essential formats for clearly estimating equipment, labor, material, and other service costs related to completing a project.
  • Assess and decide how a variety of physical site complexities may affect the estimated cost of a project and use methods to counteract these variances.
  • Better identify and interpret general site conditions, special conditions, and technical specifications associated with electrical projects.
  • Analyze potential projects and decide on which ones to bid
  • Understand risk analysis and how to price this into a bid
  • Do competitor analysis and understand how this impacts the bid
  • Do client risk analysis and how to price this into bids
  • Record material and other prices and maintain contact lists
  • Formulate a bid strategy
  • Understand how to prepare an estimate and the estimating process
  • Become familiar with Construction Division Codes
  • Understand how to present a bid
  • Be familiar with how to use the bid depository
  • Understand the requirements for bonding and insurance
  • Understand the post-bidding process
  • Communicate with project managers to pass on knowledge of the bid prior to mobilization
Total Course Time – 24 Hours (16 hours instructional; 8 hours research)
Accreditation – MERIT Certificate in Essential Electrical Estimating Skills
Gold Seal Credits – 2