First Nations Plan

First Nations Plan

First Nations employees and status Indians have reduced coverage (and reduced premiums) so not to duplicate coverage provided by Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada.

Coverage for First Nations Employees

  • Life Insurance – $100,000 for employees, $10,000 for spouse and $5,000 for dependents
  • Accidental Death Insurance – Additional $100,000 for employees
  • Long Term Disability – $2,400 per month for the first 2 years, increasing to $3,000 per month thereafter to a maximum of 85% of pre-disability income
  • Short Term Disability (OPTIONAL) – $800 per week up to 85% of pre-disability earnings to start the first day of accident or hospitalization or the 8th day of illness
  • Out-of-Country Travel – up to $2 million coverage for medical emergencies outside of Canada, limited to 60 days of travel per trip
  • Employee and Family Assistance Plan – toll free 24/7 access to counselling services
  • Best Doctors Coverage – access to world-renowned specialists’ second opinion for serious illness or injury diagnosis