April 17 2017 Blog

The “Low-Down” on Construction – April 17,2017

Over the long weekend, I had the opportunity to stop and reflect on all that has transpired over the last month.  It has been a busy 30 days, to say the least.

During the inaugural Saskatchewan Construction Week celebration, I was reminded how many great people we have in our industry and how they contribute to Saskatchewan’s overall economy. I am proud that we are the third largest industry employer in the province representing 8% of the overall GDP including providing $3 billion a year in payroll. 

It was also great to see everyone in the industry pull together to promote construction in Saskatchewan. It was a great opportunity to share how important construction is and how the industry plays a major role in all communities across Saskatchewan.

With the recent provincial budget, the construction industry now faces some new challenges. The change in PST needs to be clarified and clearly explained so we all understand how it will affect our business.

I have been named chair of a newly formed committee of construction industry leaders to work with Sask Finance. I can assure all members that MERIT is committed to assisting our members with a smooth transition to the new rules for collection of PST on construction services.

We will end the week with another celebration. The MERIT Awards of Excellence will be held this Friday. We received over 60 impressive nominations for the 10 award categories.  These talented individuals represent the best and brightest of the open shop community.

As always, if you are experiencing difficulties with anything related to collection of PST, or just want to discuss the direction the construction industry in Saskatchewan, please feel free to contact me to discuss your concerns or ideas.